On the Ice, Inc. at Klick Lewis Arena


  SEE-KU-MEE is the Inupiaq Eskimo translation for the term 'on the ice'  

Our mission is to create programs and events to cultivate skill development through the great sport of figure skating in a positive and socially interactive environment.


  About Sikumi Figure Skating Club (SFSC)

 Sikumi Figure Skating Club (SFSC) exists to provide figure skating and the figure skating experience to its members. Club membership is for skaters who are looking to grow from basic skills to more advanced figure skating. The club provides opportunities for group instruction, performance, competition, and social camaraderie. Sikumi FSC is a program by On the Ice, Inc. Sikumi FSC was established in 2016. We are evolving as a club and we will grow along with our skaters’ needs.

Parents and skaters are vital to the success of the club.

No mandatory volunteering, however, we utilize volunteers such that parents can be engaged with their skaters. Our full/home club members have access to special ice prices, represent our club at competitions, wear our official club jackets, be invited to participate in fun events such as Winter Fest and Spring SKATEacular Skate Shows, social gatherings & special club skating events. Associate club members can participate in club functions and discount cards.

Coaches, KLA Staff and I look forward to providing a positive figure skating community and experience.

  Executive Coaches:

Ursula Wolfer & Doris Papenfuss 

 Phone: 717-685-1401

Email: info@klicklewisarena.com

In light of the regulations for volunteers, here are the links for the appropriate background checks.

Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Background Check (free to volunteers): https://epatch.state.pa.us/Home.jsp

Child Abuse Background Check (for volunteers, this is free ONCE in 5 years). https://www.compass.state.pa.us/cwis/public/home or use IDENTOGO https://uenroll.identotgo.com

 MEMBERSHIPS Club membership follows the USFS club year of July 1-June 30. Any club memberships that occur in June will be toward the 2019-20 club year. Members of all USFS clubs are required to renew membership with their chosen club annually (July 1).



NEW/TRANSFER MEMBER                    Full membership new to USFS or transfer member. Includes official Sikumi FSC club jacket*.

$135 regular jacket/$150 with light fleeced lined jacket with thumbholes


Full new/transfer member who is an immediate family member of an active club member.  Includes official Sikumi FSC club jacket*.

$100 regular jacket/ $115 with light fleeced lined jacket with thumbholes

RENEWING FULL MEMBER                    Full member from previous year (jacket not included)



Full renewing membership who is an immediate family member active member (jacket not included)



Current USFS member representing another club as primary home club (no jacket)


Official Sikumi FSC Club Jacket        Purchase your Official Sikumi FSC club jacket. Includes first name in gold embroidered on upper left chest and Official Sikumi Logo on back. Note: Club jacket is automatically included with New/Transfer membership. Chloe Noel Jackets sizs CXXS through AL

$85 regular jacket


$100 light fleece lined jacket with thumbholes



 Full club members

  • USFS membership
  • Club jacket issued to new members
  • Delivery of Skating Magazine
  • Access to members only skate prices
  • Represent Sikumi FSC at competitions
  • Participate in Sikumi Club events
  • Eligible for Sikumi member skate card purchase

Associate members

  • Access to members only skate prices
  • Invited to participate in club skate shows
  • Invited to participate in club events
  • Eligible for Sikumi member skate card purchase

  Skate Levels


 Skaters up to Basic 2-3 LTS USA levels.  Limited access to freestyle ice –

  • taking a private lessons 
  • learning proper/safe practice habits
  • supervised in the stands or lobby by a parent/guardian

 Sharper Edges

Basic 6 through Freeskate Levels, Elite Edges, Competitive well-balanced no-test Freeskate & up


skaters ages 18 & up - all levels 

 On the Ice Academy

 Club members are invited to participate in clinics & classes offered to a variety of skate levels during the skating season. Discount rates for club members!

Skate Shows & Events

Club members are invited to skate in our Winter Fest 12/21, 2019 and Spring ‘Skatetacular’ June 2020 shows as individuals or as a part of our performing group.

 Social Events

All members are encouraged to participate in our season scheduled social events & gatherings.

Club members skate on open freestyle ice offered at Klick Lewis Arena.

All skaters/parents are required to keep a signed copy of ICE RULES  in the rink office.

 Club members are required to sign in & out with skate time on a members only sheet.

All skaters/parents are responsible for honest payments for ice to maintain membership in good standing.

Open Freestyle Ice is $12 regular price and $9 member price for current 20-21 SFSC members per hour with a 1 hour minimum purchase. Additional time past the first hour can be purchased in 30 minute increments.

Weekday afternoon open freestyle only: the final 30 minutes on the day's session can be purchased for a 30 minute increment.


As a 2020-21 full or associate Sikumi FSC member, you can participate in our
in-house account program.
Read Carefully
  • Current cardholders need to exchange their cards for the new member cards that are waiting for them in the rink office. You will have a new account number.
  • Load your account using with a minimum of $100 check or credit card accepted
  • Use this account to access reduced rate freestyle ice pricing of $9/hr (reg is $12/hr)
  • NEW! use your Sikumi member card to make purchases in the cafe!
  • Use this account to pay for KLA clinics, camps, & memberships too (skate shop and PBK are exempt)
Read Carefully
  • New Sikumi Card replaces former Sikumi cards, trade out at rink office
  • Current cardholder accounts have been already transferred in our system
  • Freestyle club pricing is now $9/hour
  • Monthly EXPRESS FREESTYLE is still available as usual ($180/month) (single person use); you may purchase online under: Camps and Clinics, then listed as: SFSC MON X SK PAS
  • Only current SFSC members can purchase member pricing. All current non-members can purchase KLA cash (formerly Cool Cash Card).
  • Non-member KLA CASH cards (formerly Cool Cash Card) are available as usual. Purchase $120 and get a $12 skate session free (Public, Freestyle, Stick & Puck). KLA CASH can be used for all KLA events including Cafe purchases using available balance.
  • Cardholders are responsible for maintaining balances and KLA is not responsible for lost or stolen cards and any purchases. Subject to $10 replacement fee.
 If you have any questions, contact the rink office (contact details below)

Great for 6+ hours/week skaters ---  

Must Register name of  skater(s) for use by immediate family & be approved by Executive Director.

A monthly unlimited skate pass for $180 per month for active Sikumi Club members only (full or associate). Required sign in/out on for active months.  


Team Sikumi at Spring Spectacular Show 2017                            Sikumi Junior 1st performance!




                                   photos  courtesy of Portraits by Stephanie                                   


 Notes for new parents and skaters to figure skating club venue...

The purpose of this club is to create the environment where our figure skaters have a convenient opportunity to practice their skills, take lessons, participate in skill development clinics, perform at shows, compete, have fun social interaction with fellow club members.

Sikumi FSC offers this with unlimited skate time during our weekday afternoon club ice sessions. These sessions are where our Learn to Skate figure skaters become figure skaters with practice, skill sessions, and lessons to not only learn, but have fun!

Parents, now your skater can practice at an affordable annual one-time cost with abundant skate times. Whether your skater wants to practice a little one day or longer another, the club ice sessions allows for this flexibility. Each new full member receives a SIKUMI FSC jacket and United State Figure Skating annual membership along with a few other perks outlined in our SIKUMI FSC brochure.

If your skater decides to compete, the necessary representation is already there. Figure skating is a great form of fitness and artistry plus the SIKUMI FSC will allow the skaters to get to know each other and the coaches. This camaraderie makes for a fun time on the ice and off the ice with social activities or cheering each other on.

 Our instructors  have mini- clinics included to give structure to the newer skaters so they have  direction and sociability for practicing skills. Periodic shows will be a great focal point for skater performance whether in a group or individually.

This is the figure skating pipeline we are thrilled to offer that develops the skaters in whatever direction they choose. As the club develops each year, we will grow with the needs of its members.

Please feel free to contact me (Kat) if you have any questions and concerns. Call 717-685-1401 or email info@klicklewisarena.com.

Thank you,

Lily McElroy
Club President

 Professional Instruction

All pros are required to have current insurance and background check information on file at the rink office. See more details on our PRIVATE INSTRUCTION  page of this website.             


The following rules are in place for safety and figure skating protocol to best benefit skaters on the ice.

Basic Rules Governing All Behavior

  • Please respect the rights of others
  • Please respect the Klick Lewis Arena property and the property of others


             All skaters need to actively be aware of other skaters on the ice to avoid collisions.

  •    Older and more experienced skaters are expected to watch out for young/new skaters.
  • New/beginner skaters are expected to adhere to safe practice protocol listed in these rules.


  •    Skaters taking a private lesson have right-of-way. Every effort should be made to stay out of their way during their program/music. Private lesson students are expected to recognize interruptions to their program skate due to other skaters, etc.
  • Sashes should be worn to identify program skaters performing regardless of lesson or practice. Skaters may not interrupt another skating lesson.


  •   May not interrupt another skating lesson or give instruction to other skaters.
  • Parents/Spectators may sit in stands only (No standing at/on glass or sitting on players benches)
  • Medical exceptions made by rink management only, thank you


  •  No portable visual/audio devices, food, or drink on the ice.
  • No loitering on the ice. Leave the ice surface for conversations.
  •   No kicking, stomping, drag toes, standing, sitting, laying, inappropriate language, chewing gum, throwing objects, sitting on boards, eating, drinking, phone use, playing tag during sessions. Exception: drinks can be kept on the boards for quick refreshment and games/tag can occur during direct coach supervision in a group lesson.
  •   Report ice divots to coaches or use a “slush” bucket when available to repair holes in the ice regardless if you created them or not. Tripping in a hole can be dangerous for the current session for the next one.
  • Allow for necessary clearance surrounding attempted freestyle moves – use common sense


  • Use locker rooms assigned per the daily boards schedule in the lobby.
  •    You may help your skater with skates in the lobby or rink bench then have skater store gear in assigned locker room.
  • Safe Sport guidelines* are in place for entering locker rooms. Please recognize that other skaters may be dressing in the locker rooms.


  • For best use of ice and skater development recognize that once a skater enters the ice, he or she is in training and needs to practice on their own.
  • Please teach your children to be independent skaters and thinkers. Awareness of themselves in relation to other skaters will keep the ice sessions productive and safe here or at any rink.


  • Our facility follows SafeSport Guidelines (www.safesport.org) for the protection, safety, and well-being for all participate.
  • All parents, skaters, and coaches agree to adhere to SafeSport Guidelines.







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