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 Full equipment required for all hockey classes.

Helmets required for any puck activities.


To all coaches and those involved in team management,

We are looking forward to a vigorous hockey season at KLA.  Due to a tight schedule of back to back ice slots in order to fit everyone in the schedule, we need to reinforce the following expectations to make sure we keep to a timely schedule.

  1. You are responsible for clearing the ice of all equipment and skaters when your ice time is complete.
  2. Coaches are responsible for watching the clock to prepare the last 5 minutes for clearing the ice.
  3. Follow the locker room assignments by the rink. If you have needs for additional time or space, you need to clear it with a rink supervisor.
  4. Coaches or team assigned parents are requested to inspect the locker room conditions upon vacating for cleanliness and report any unusual conditions.
  5. Do not enter the ice until the ice conditioner (ZAM) doors are completely closed.
  6. Our rink supervisors can assist with any of your concerns. Post practice wrap up or "chalk talk" can be held off ice so that ice cuts can be run properly.
  7. Playing with pucks or balls off the ice is prohibited.
  8. Please report any damage you notice to rink management upon entering your locker room. We recommend a parent or coach to inspect the locker room before use and upon departure. Self-monitoring can prevent further issues. 
  9. No unauthorized use of the premises.
  10. No RUNNING in the facility (unless under direct supervision of a coach)
  11. Do not disturb ice activities prior or after your rental time.
  12. No foul language, spitting or unsportsmanlike conduct directed towards anyone is tolerated.

With your cooperation, we can make the hockey season a positive experience for all.

Thank you.

CLICK HERE -How to dress a hockey player


Games are generally on Saturdays and Sundays.

Mite practices are slotted for Monday evenings, squirt and pee wee are targeted for Thursday evenings. Please refer to the master schedule at 

Each player must register with USA before they can be rostered.

Please visit to register or to get any additional information.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact is at


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